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 Biased Opinions: Twelve Jury Members

In the summer of 2013, civic duty required me to serve on my first jury. The judge instructed the jury to base their decisions on common sense from their own experiences. Twelve people were presented with the exact same evidence and then contemplated the innocence or guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” of a fellow citizen.


I began forming psychological evaluations of each jury member wondering what childhood experiences, relationship difficulties, family values, and career choices had influenced them throughout their lives. I found that the jurors viewed the witnesses and evidence through their own personal biased lenses that clouded their ability to hear and see the evidence in exactly the same way. It was my contemplation of the jury that led to the creation of Biased Opinions: Twelve Jury Members.


Each artwork in Biased Opinions: Twelve Jury Members originated from the same photograph. Each of the works was created with basic digital darkroom techniques to portray the personal biases that reflect the differences in background experiences and symbolize the divergent perspective of each jury member. Biased Opinions: Twelve Jury Members is intended to be viewed as a collaboration of the twelve photographs together. It is the collaboration of twelve jury members that results in one decision for the court.


The photographs are printed on archival Textured Rag paper. Encaustic medium layers are then applied, chiseled away, and buffed, revealing images that appear as though they were printed on leather.


Biased Opinions: Twelve Jury Members is available as a set of 12 encaustic photographs in three sizes. There is only one encaustic set of the 12 photographs for each size.


            12.5” x 14.5”

            10.4” x 12”

            9.4” x 8.3”

“Non-encaustic” photographs are also available, in open editions, and are printed on archival Textured Rag paper in the same sizes.